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a different muse?

It would seem that although my Muse for drawing, sketching, painting is still stubbornly hiding under a rock somewhere, my Muse hasn't abandoned my totally.

My photography Muse is still going strong.

I brought my camera with me to the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival this past weekend, and managed to take several outstanding photographs. I was working the festival with Birdsong anyways, and during the down times, I was able to go and explore some of the features there.

I might try to get enough art together to display at next year's show, IF I can manage to drag my uncooperative Drawing Muse out from under whatever rock he's hiding under.

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The rest can be found here and here.
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Still here..

I just haven't had too much to post about recently. I've been in a really weird sort of rut/groove/ditch/whatever you want to call it lately.

I think mostly because I'm still sort of settling into the new place. My art space is only half set up so far. I'm hoping to change that soon.. I'm hoping that by setting up my new studio space, the creative energies will start moving again, and I'll stop feeling useless.

Useless..that's a good term for it. This lull in my creative ability has reached near-epic proportions. Although thinking back, this seems to happen in cycles every couple of years. There will be long stretches of time where I just don't feel the urge to create. To draw, to paint, to sculpt and bring to life..

it's just not in me right now.

It worries me a bit, because these stretches will last for a time, and I always end up wondering if I've forgotten my skill.

I think also, that I need to look into arranging my studio properly. Feng-Shui apparently really works, and maybe if I can move things around and arrange them "properly", that the lull will ebb and I'll be able to return to my normal, quirky-creative self.

That's what I'm hoping anyways.
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New Arts!

Website updated today!

I've got my latest pieces up there now, and have added a new section for my photography, which I will begin adding photos to next week.

New pieces include:
A Taste of Sunlight
Blue Grace
The Blacksmith
Trusting Eyes
Wolf and Cub

Prints, bookmarks, and greeting cards are available for all images.

The Shopping cart section of the site is still under construction, but will be functioning soon.

Stay tuned for more!

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Flowers, fire, Photos, and my life as it has been for three weeks.

Haven't posted here in a while.. things have been really busy at work with the control burning and all.

But we're DONE! Three weeks and 570 acres of blackened forest later, the control burning season is officially complete for us. I've managed to capture some video of the fires that we set this last time, but I still need to figure out how to edit and upload them.

I'm probably going to incorporate them into some kind of media presentation that includes some of the better stillshots that I took as well. We'll see how that goes though. I don't have much experience working with digital video manipulation.

I've been slowly working my way around this Artist's Wall that's been plaguing me for months now. I've discovered that I can indeed work around it, as opposed to trying to go through it. As such, I've been doing a lot more photography lately and a lot less in the way of drawing and painting.

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Those photos have also been posted over in ladyriv.

Today I'm going to try to sit down and get some serious drawing done. I've felt the wall beginning to crumble for a while now, so maybe this will be the hammer that breaks it through.

I hope so. I seriously need to draw some stuff.
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Drastic Measures..

It occurs to me, after almost two months of beating my brain senseless trying to break this wall, that I'm going to have to take other steps.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate Artist's Block? This is, I think, one of the worst cases I've been faced with.

It's frustrating. It makes me feel useless and inept.

and no. No matter what people may tell you, breaking through the wall is NOT just a matter of "sitting down and forcing yourself to do it." Well, sometimes it is. Sometimes, that's enough to break the wall.

Not this time though. This wall is titanium-reinforced concrete or somesuch impossible substance. It's driving me to distraction. The ideas are here, in my head, bouncing around and causing headaches.. trying their very best to get out into the world.

My somewhere between my brain and my hands, the signal gets lost. I set up, feeling good about things.. "Yes, FINALLY, I'll be able to get this idea out of my head.." only to blink at the clock an hour or so later, and realise that NOTHING has happened.

So, I think I'm going to go back to something that I used to do when I was younger. When I was at a loss, or floundering for ideas in the past, I would take an image (photo, drawing, painting, whatever) and recreate it.

I know. That's cheating. I hate doing it. The image isn't mine at that point.. just some school-kid recreation.

But I'm at a point of last resort here. I'm hoping that this will work to break me out of this non-creative void. Otherwise I might just have to cut my hands off at the wrists or something. (no, not really. Honestly people.. )

So we'll see how this goes. Hopefully it will have the desired effect of shattering this damnable wall inside my head and letting the dam of ideas loose upon my poor unsuspecting sketchbook.

It'd better work.. I've got way to much to do as far as art goes to be stuck here, staring at walls (literally) of nothing.
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Wow.. ok, so it's been a while.

Since I've updated this journal anyways. Most of you read my normal journal, so you're probably up to date on any news that I would have.

As far as art goes, I've been in kind of a funk lately. I don't know why. It's not that I don't have anything to do.. I have plenty to keep me occupied. But whenever I go to actually DO it, well.. I haven't gotten a single thing done.

I've got some sort-of art related projects going on at work right now. A total redesign of the newsletter and reorganizing the gift shop are among two of the larger projects.

The newsletter is a bi-monthly production. I'm working on basically giving it an entirely new look. It's a 10-12 page spread, and I'm making specific areas for graphics, photos, stories and sayings, etc. I'm going to talk to one of the local print shops too, to see if I can get a feasible cost for printing in color. I'm hoping that because I'm designing it (and doing so pretty much directly for press), and because we're a non-profit, that I can get a reasonable price.

If not, I'll also look into seeing what it would cost to have the cover pages printed in color, and having the rest of the newsletter in black and white.

We shall see.

The gift shop.. well.. it needs help. Seriously. I don't know WHEN the last time a true inventory was done. I have no idea what's there, or how long it's been there. So I'm basically starting from scratch here. I'm looking for new products to display and sell. Artwork, jewelry, wood work, etc. I'm redoing the pricing, and I've been given a small budget to work with in order to replace lighting and display cabinets.

Again, I'm hoping that because we're a non-profit, I can look into getting donations or discounts on the display cabinets and such.

I figure inventory will be the hardest part to begin with. Once I have everything listed and tagged, keeping track of it should be much easier. It's just getting there that's the hard part.

Another project I've been working on is an Historical Restoration of the old Blacksmith's shop. Mostly in the research stage right now, I have to be able to find proof that there WAS a blacksmith here, in order to have any kind of chance of getting a grant for the restoration. Then once I have that, I can look into the rebuilding process.

My hope for this, is to draw a whole new crowd of people to Birdsong. Not just nature buffs, but history buffs and blacksmiths as well. Art students and historic society members. The more people we can draw to come here, the less we have to rely on outside funding to keep this place up and running.

Other art news:
fionn_mac_lir I'll have some character sketches for you soon. My computer at home died, so hopefully I'll have something scanable for you by Tuesday or so (my scanner is here at work, so it'll have to wait until then.) Sorry it's taken a while. If you have any more of your story, I'd love to see it!

I feel guilty for being so non-productive lately. I'll see about posting some photos that I've taken recently, or maybe a sketch or doodle or two from my sketchbook. That way at least I can say I've done SOMETHING.
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Art sale, paintings, and a busy little artist.

Still alive over here. Things have really picked up for me recently though, and it's kept me away from the computer for a while. What all do I have going on right now?

Well, first there's my art sale, going on now through the 22nd (see below for details). This is a great time for people to buy artwork, seeing as how Christmas is literally right around the corner. So keep that in mind!

I seriously need an agent or PR rep or something.

Other things happening in the world of LadyRiv... I've got TWO shows coming up next month where I've been asked to display original pieces. That's right.. TWO SHOWS. *dies* Unfortunately, both are being held on the same day, so I will only be able to attend one of them. My art will proudly be displayed at both though! How neat is that?!

The roster right now is 2-3 original paintings for EACH show, to be available for sale or auction. (I'm psyched about either option really, any extra money is good right now). I also will have a box of assorted, signed & numbered prints to sell as well. So hopefully these shows will be good to me.

Currently I have one painting nearing completion, and the other two for the first festival, The Butterfly Festival, sketched out and ready to begin. Feel the flames of my paintbrushes!!

I recieved some reference images for the paintings for the second show, The Florida Forest Festival, today. I'll browse through those as well as some photos that I've taken in the past to see what jumps out at me for this set.

Of course, I'll post the images of the paintings here once they're finished.

Speaking of photography, I've also got a photography shoot for a lady on the first weekend of November. She wants me to photograph her champion Mastiffs. I have no idea how to price this yet. The last photography session I did, I recieved $500 for. But that was $200 more than what I asked for, so...

But this lady is talking serious income for me too.. after the photographs, she's talking about yearly christmas cards, paintings, drawings... enough to keep me busy for months.

I hope it's not all talk.

Oh yes, contracts will be signed for anything she sets in stone for me to do..

I just have to figure out how to price it all so as not to frighten her (or her pocketbook) into the afterlife.

You see? This is why I need a PR or an Agent. That way they can go and talk and price and pimp my stuff.. and all I have to do is create.

Greg's already declined the offer. I've asked. He says I'm "better with people" than he is.

Anyone interested in taking the position? :P

Art Sale Details:

Art Sale!!!

Sept 11th through Sept 22nd:
5.5 x 8.5 prints = $6
8.5 x 11 prints = $15
any card set = $10 for 10 postcard sized cards

So be sure to watch my regular journal ladyriv and here for the flyers and details!

All prints and available artwork can be seen over at my gallery.

Advertising via word of mouth, folks.. so Pimp my Art! The more you tell the better. :)

(Incidentally, I'm trying to raise about $600.) kthxbuymystuff...
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Still alive

I know I haven't updated here in a while. Things are going well though.. if busy.

The move is finished and I'm in the process of unpacking and resetting my house. I've finally gotten my art area up and functioning, so I can start on the gaggle of paintings that I have to do for next month.

6 paintings! For TWO different shows..

*brain explodes*

Of course, I'll post them here as I finish them..

One of the other things that has kept me busy the past week is DragonCon. Yep.. that yearly geek-fest that I love to attend. No prizes for this year, but a few new friends and as always a great time!

I have most of my photos posted here in the main gallery. I'll get to the rest of the photos later.

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There are, of course... LOTS more photos over in the galleries.. These are the ones that I feel came out the best though.

I need a better camera. *sigh*

I've still got lots to do here.. the paintings, my house, work.. as always work.. bleh..

Oh yeah! and

My new Art sale!

Starting on Monday and going through Sept 22nd:
5.5 x 85 prints = $6
8.5 x 11 prints = $15
card sets = $10 for 10 postcard sized cards

So be sure to watch my normal journal (ladyriv) and here for the flyers and details!

All prints and available artwork can be seen over at my gallery.
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Dragonfly Creations is proud to announce...

*drumrolls* First and foremost, the new website is up! There are still some things that have to be fixed and uploaded (like the commissions page, purchase section and front page) but the gallery and contact pages are running smoothly. Also, this journal has been integrated completely into the site, accessible through the News button on the main page.

For the time being, if you have a request for purchase, or an order for a commission, send me an email through the contact page, and I will get back with you as soon as possible. :)


I have been asked to premier my artwork at TWO upcoming festivals!! Both are going to be held in the fall... The first is the Butterfly Festival held at the Birdsong Nature Center and the second is the Florida Forest Festival held in Perry, FL on the last weekend in October.

I'll be creating a series of drawings and paintings specifically for each show that will be available for sale.

Be sure to keep watch on the site here for more updates.


This Saturday... TOMORROW.. I'll be helping my friend demmiblog out with her Blogathon. Assuming you haven't seen them already, I've created a set of prints that will be available ONLY to those that donate. $10-$20 will get you a 5.5 x 8.5 print, and $25 or more will get you a full sized print.

I might even have sets of post-cards available too, who knows..

So be sure to check that out as well.

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New Art Journal.

This is my new art journal. I'll be posting all art entries, sketches, brainstorms, etc. here from now on. This way I can avoid cluttering up my normal journal.

* This is a friend's only journal, for those that will truly appreciate my artwork. If you would like to be added, leave a message here, and I will edit you in. :)

* If you're working with me on an original creation, this will be the place to check for updates.

* It's also the journal that, eventually, I hope to have synched up with my new webpage.

I don't think I need to stress the fact that all art posted in this journal is original and is the sole property of Dragonfly Creations and Nadia Heller (that's me!)


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